Fire Warden Training Courses

Fire warden training will be required for the majority of workplaces. The number of fire wardens required to be trained will depend on a number of factors. Taking into account the size of premises, operations of workplace, occupancy characteristics of building, number of floors & number of assembly points, among many other items.

We understand the difficulties in finding enough time to train your staff, let-alone the increasing costs.
This is why we have set-up online training, coupled with our extinguisher training course: The cost-effective answer.

However, practical hands-on training with experienced fire-fighters & fire officers always helps.
MG Fire Safety Group conduct on-site fire warden courses for up to 10 people per course.
Our courses come complete with student fire warden training guides & 3 year fire warden certificates.

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Fire Training Enquiries
: 0800 999 8595 for your personal quotation. Prices listed are guides only.
Alternatively, please use our online fire safety Contact Us enquiry form - Thanks.

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