Fire Strategy Plan & Fire Alarm Zones

What Is A Fire Strategy?

British Standards Institution document (PAS 911) refers to a Fire Strategy as providing 'a clear set of measures encompassing fire precautions, management of fire safety and fire protection'.
"It involves the development and implementation of risk appropriate policies and procedures in-line with objectives specific to the business. Its aim is to reduce the life risk, while protecting business procedures and assets".

Every workplace, no matter how small or large, is required to have a suitable fire safety strategy implemented for the building.
The type of strategy depends on the nature of operations, size of building and the occupancy characteristics. A fire safety strategy is a changeable document, that can be structured around the operations of a suitably managed building.

There are 4 types of Fire Safety Strategy Plans:

1. Fire Safety Management Policies & Procedures (Documents Manual)
2. Fire Alarm Zones & Fire Equipment Locations (Fire Alarm Zone Plans)
3. Fire Escape Route Plans High Risk & High Occupancy (Fire Escape Plans)
4. Fire Design New Buildings (New Build or Refurbishment Drawing Plans)

*New Builds: Application/ Pre-Build Consultation:
This fire strategy is very common and required for all new build designs.
Consultation with our building control liaisons. (Independent and completely impartial).
*Please provide original architect drawings.

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