Fire Safety Services

MG Fire Safety Group provide a wide range of fire safety services such as fire inspections, consultations & surveys.
Fire safety within the workplace is paramount and compliance to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 & Building Regulations & Article 38 are paramount in every working & business environment.

We Provide Compliance In All Fire Safety & Building Regulatory Services:

1. Fire Risk Assessment Inspections
2. Fire Extinguisher Service Inspections
3. Fire Warden Training Courses
4. Fire Evacuation Drills
5. Fire Evacuation Drill Reports
6. Fire Escape Plans
7. Fire Alarm Zone Plans
8. Fire Door Inspection Surveys
9. Fire Safety Strategy Plans
10. Fire Safety Management Plans
11. Fire Safety Consultancy Letter Writing
12. Fire Safety Consulting Building Codes Compliance Reporting

MG Fire Safety Group: Protecting Life, Property & Infrastructure: 0800 999 8595

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