Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

MG Fire Safety Group are life safety fire risk assessors, fire warden trainers and fire extinguisher engineers.
We are ex-fire service personnel with over 28+ years in fire-fighting, fire safety & fire safety consulting.

Whilst we provide many vital fire safety services and fire protection products, we remain impartial in all our works.
We are proud to promote our morals in fire safety, and our ethos, in maintaining impartiality to assist all our clients.

Where fire alarm systems and emergency lighting are concerned, we only recommend suitable companies.
This helps our clients by providing a fair & legal framework to work to, through our fire risk assessments, whilst maintaining total impartiality within any recommendations.

We do not accept any commissions in these recommendations. We only liaise with the best engineers to assist our clients. Ensuring our clients receive the best fire safety service all-round.
0800 999 8595 to discuss your requirements.
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