About Us

MG Fire Safety Group formed in 2005 to provide specialist fire safety services for ALL types of business properties.
This was for two reasons: 1. To Provide Life Safety Fire Advice 2. Assist In The New RRFSO 2005 Guidelines.

Our fire safety consultants have served in the Royal Air Force Fire Services, CAA Airport Fire Services &
the Local Authority Fire Services, as both Fire-Fighters, Fire Safety Advisers & Fire Safety Inspectors for 28+ years.

Our services meet your business needs & are compliant to:

1. The Regulatory Reform (Fire) (Safety) Order 2005 - also abbreviated as the (RRFSO/ RRO & FSO)
2. The Building Regulations 2006 (As Amended 2010) & AD: Building Codes Applicable
3. LACoRS (Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services)
4. HHSRS (Housing Health & Safety Rating System) As LACoRS
5. Purpose Built Blocks Of Flats
6. British Standards - Active Fire Protection
7. British Standards - Passive Fire Protection
8. British Standard 9999: 2017 (Fire Safety in the Design, Management & Use of Buildings)

A. We have conducted 1000's of fire risk assessments for Business, Council & Government sites.
B. We have serviced 1000's of fire extinguishers for Business, Council & Government sites.
C. We have trained 1000's of fire wardens for Business, Council & Government sites.

Fire Extinguisher Service:

We have been servicing fire extinguishers since 1991. We are fully qualified by the Fire Industries Association.
Our engineers are all ex-fire service personnel, with over 28+ years service in the fire safety industry.

All our engineers are also fully qualified fire risk assessors and fire warden trainers.
This ensures, you receive the most qualified advice, as well as our own professional impartial guidance.
We can service the small shop with 3-5 fire extinguishers, up to colleges with over 600 fire extinguishers.

We can supply all manner of fire equipment, with over 2000+ products available for your benefit.
If you need an annual fire extinguisher service plan or, a no contract service routine, call: 0800 999 8595.
We will be pleased to provide you with an competitive quotation. Alternatively, use our Contact Us form.

Fire Risk Assessment:

Fire Risk Assessments are Legal Documents. We have been conducting fire risk assessments since 1991. 
Our fire risk assessors are fully qualified & highly experienced.
All are fire risk assessors are ex-fire service operatives, serving at fire safety adviser & fire inspector levels.

The field of fire risk assessing is a complex one, and encompasses a multitude of fire & safety regulations.
Our years of experience will enable the most pro-active fire safety solutions for your business.

Our fire risk assessment reports are compliant to the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) & PAS 79.
We assess for life safety as a primary, however, property protection & business continuity are paramount.

We conduct new build, refurbishment & insurance fire risk assessments &, your annual fire risk assessment.
Please call us on: 0800 999 8595 or use our Contact Us enquiry form. We look forward to working with you.

Fire Warden Training:

Our fire warden trainers have been training staff since 1991. Helping staff UK wide to manage fire safety.
Our courses are designed to provide the most up-to-date information for all staff.

Whether this is your first job and course, or your 20'th course, we are sure you will learn something new.
Many clients have commented on how confidant they feel, in managing many areas of fire safety, after our training.
We can conduct basic fire extinguisher handling courses, through to more detailed fire warden courses.

Whatever your needs be, hot fire training or, e-learning courses or, more in-depth site fire warden training - 
We will be pleased to assist you further. Please get in touch for a personal quotation on: 0800 999 8595.
Alternatively, use our Contact Us enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Fire Safety Management & Fire Consultancy:

We have provided hundreds of companies with fire safety strategies, fire safety policies & fire safety procedures.
Managing arson, under-ground fuel storage tanks, blocks of flats, nightclubs, open air events, multi-storey offices+
We have assisted our clients in implementing the most pro-active, fire safety management procedures to the RRO.

We have also been asked to consult on many varied projects, from new builds to technical internal refurbishments.
All these projects have required a demonstrable amount of knowledge, to enable our clients to receive approvals.
This has required comprehensive reporting & letters written, of technical guidance, to assist in each application.

All our projects have received building application approvals. Granted through hard work & cooperation between all.
It goes to show, if you are appraised of the right advice, communicate well & all work hard together,
then the building project you envisage, can be achieved. Call 0800 999 8595 or Contact Us

Fire Equipment Supply:

All products supplied have undergone & passed all regulatory requirements for sale within the UK & EU.
Our standards & testing procedures are the highest in the world & we will only sell the best products.

You will never find us (MG Fire Safety Group), selling anywhere else online.
There are very good reasons for this, that every online buyer should know: This is for:

1. Protection Of Our Brand
2. Protection Of Our Suppliers Brand
3. Maintain Quality Assurance
4. Maintain Supply & Data Protection

All our products sold are approved, certified & checked, to ensure they pass any Fire Risk Assessment.
We only sell products that will meet the required standards of an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment.

We have a UK wide supply chain & long-term relations with all our trade suppliers.
Enabling us to deliver to our clients, the best products at the most competitive prices;
Without compromising on our core values - Protecting our clients, first & foremost - Fire Safety 1st.

Fire Zone Plans:

We have been providing fire zone plans & fire escape plans to businesses for years.
The standard of many drawings out there was relatively poor, or simply, incorrect.
Many were far too expensive for the faults found and inaccurate at that.

We have the expert fire safety eye, coupled with the expert computer CAD designers.
Thus, producing the best fire safety zone or fire escape drawings one could hope to receive.
It is not just about the drawing and the compliance, it is about the ease of understanding the drawing.
Ensuring the end-user (you) & your staff & the emergency services, are able to easily navigate using the plans.
  1. We Service Clients in: London, Berkshire, Bucks, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & the Midlands.
  2. Customer Enquiries: Telephone: 0800 999 8595 for Help & Assistance. Online Enquiries Contact Us.